Taking Care of Our Neighbors Floors

We are residents of Oak Park, Michigan and bring over twenty years of progressive experience to the table. We work with flooring finishes and coloring systems that are proven to endure. Leaving your wood floors renewed for many more years of service.  

All of the items shown on our website represent work we have built over the years. Our interest is working for clients who value their time and seek quality workmanship. On time, the first time.

Wood floors experience a varied amount of wear depending on a variety of factors.  Foot traffic, pet traffic, and maintenance procedures all combine to create a unique starting point for every floor restoration. For example, a home with 4 large dogs and a family will generally necessitate a more intense sanding process compared to a pet free home with less traffic. 

Dustless sanding services

We leave your home clean

We use floor sanding equipment that captures the dust with powerful vacuums using HEPA filters. There are a few reasons why we use dustless sanding processes:

  • Your home will remain clean and not require hours or cleaning afterwards
  • The air is cleaner for the team at Timberland floors when we refinish and sand your floors
  • Improved sanding quality and finishing results

Our Services

We’re proud to offer a wide range of comprehensive services to homeowners around our community.

new flooring installation
Wood floor sanding
Adding to existing wood floors
engineered floor installation
DUstless Sanding Services
maintenance recoating

stair sanding Oak Park Michigan


If old carpet is covering your existing wood stairs, we can help that situation. We can handle the preparation and any necessary repairs. Stop the squeaks properly. After we prepare the stairs, we go through a multiple step sanding process with considerable detailing required. Each stair requires careful detailing with hand scrapers in order to completely remove all old finish. If you want new stairs installed, we can handle that as well. 

“Poor quality is remembered long after low prices are forgotten.”


John Donaghy

Floor finishing systems

Choosing the right combination of sealers and finishes means every floor you treat will provide the durability and design you and your client need. Explore floor sealers and floor finishes that we use.

Bona Traffic HD® is the world’s leading water based floor finish. The best hardwood floor finish providing unsurpassed scuff, scratch and chemical resistance and is very low VOCs.

Bona Traffic HD

2 component waterborne

Whatever the surface, we have everything you need to bring out the unique character of a wood floor. With our coloration system and experience, you can bring creativity to life.

Creating color

The right hue for you

certified for knowledge and experience 

John Donaghy has passed the testing and requirements to become a Bona certified craftsman. A distinct advantage of this certification is that we have considerable training and hands on experience with the Bona product systems. From adhesives to waterbased floor finishes, we have the experience to complete your wood flooring project right the first time.