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At Timberland Floors we take care of our clients. Whatever services you require our crew makes life easy and wood floors look great.

Wood flooring

Timberland Floors installs wood floors that endure. With over 30 years in the wood flooring industry, our reputation has been built upon the quality of our workmanship and service. 


Floor sanding

Floor sanding requires serious skills and experience. Quality refinishing projects take time and careful attention to detail. We take our time and make sure we leave durable and beautiful work.

Floor Sanding

flooring repairs

Sometimes wood floors need to be repaired or extended with new matching flooring. We can identify the exact species of wood floor and provide correctly matched replacement material.



Have your wood floors become cloudy and inconsistent in sheen? A lot of flooring products leave buildup. We removed bad floor cleaners and can also provide new protective finishes on your floors.


Experienced in wood flooring

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We can make your floors unique

Wide plank flooring

Solid wood floor installation

Adding to existing wood flooring

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Waterborne urethane

Oil-based urethane

Floor staining

We consider all of the details before, during, and after we install our wood floors. We will teach you about maintenance, maintaining appropriate indoor living conditions.





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Use our contact page to schedule an estimate. The more detailed information that you can provide, the better. We are here to make your wood floors look great again. 


Want to see what people have to say about Timberland Floors? We appreciate feedback that helps us spread the word around the community. We offer sound and pragmatic advice for our clients. We build floors that last for decades.


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