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Hardwood Flooring Maintenance

Hardwood Flooring Maintenance Ferndale, MI

Hardwoods have a very distinct character. The tonal qualities, different grains and slight natural flaws are what make every floorboard unique. Aside from that, what also makes hardwood a much sought-after material is that it is genuinely a 'forever flooring'. Once you opt for excellent quality flooring and get it installed from expert hardwood flooring installers like us, you can be sure it will last for decades.

It is different from materials like vinyl and carpeting that need replacement every few years. Timber floors also complement the appearance of varying décor styles, which means it's a very versatile material.

However, hardwood floors also need regular maintenance and care to keep them in good condition and looking new. Floorboards are underfoot, and that means they do experience a certain amount of wear and tear. Their stains may fade over time or debris and dirt might create scratches in the wooden surfaces.

High-Quality Hardwood Maintenance Services

These issues need to be dealt with by hardwood flooring professionals, and you need the kind of expertise that we have. We at Timberland Flooring are a leading company in this industry and have been catering to clients in and around Ferndale, MI. Our company has been in existence for over 21 years, and we have helped transform the look of many properties with our customized hardwood flooring maintenance services.

We recognize that different hardwoods wear at a different rate and may face various issues. Regardless of whether you have a mahogany floor that needs refinishing or a cedar wood floor that's lost its luster, we are the hardwood maintenance company to call. Maintaining your hardwood flooring is essential for protecting this beautiful investment.

Range of Hardwood Maintenance Services

Many people choose not to get wooden flooring for their homes because they believe they are "high maintenance" features. On the contrary, as long as these surfaces are stained and refinished as required, they will not attract dirt and debris like carpets and other similar materials.

They provide excellent ROI and also increase the value of your property, as long as they are maintained well. We have certified technicians that handle hardwood floor maintenance tasks such as:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Sanding and refinish
  • Staining
  • Polishing

There is no fixed schedule at which these tasks need to be carried out, but we do recommend that you get a deep clean done at least once each year. Sanding and refinishing every few years, depending on how much use the floorboards see.

Cost-Effective Floor Maintenance Services

If you feel that the wooden floor surfaces in your home are looking tired and faded, give us a call. Our experts will visit your property and assess the condition of the floorboards. They will provide objective advice and recommend the best solutions. We are honest in our approach and never recommend repairs or fixes that aren’t required. Our company uses only the best floor cleaning, staining and refinishing products so that your floor surfaces stay in good condition and resist wear.

For any information about our hardwood flooring maintenance services, feel free to contact Timberland Flooring at (248) 939-2307. Discuss your requirements with John. He will help with the information and solutions you need. You can request for a free quote, and we ensure you of the best solutions at all times.

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