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Hardwood Flooring Services

Hardwood Flooring Services Ferndale, MI

We at Timberland Flooring are a leading company in this industry and have been catering to clients in and around Ferndale, MI. Our company has been in existence for over 21 years, and we have helped transform the look of many properties with our high-grade hardwood flooring installation and maintenance services.

We are a Bona-certified company, and that means you can be sure your floors will receive the best attention and care. We have invested well in technology and training, so you are assured of the best services at all times. The range of services we offer includes:

Hardwood Flooring Installation

Installing hardwood flooring is a job that we handle efficiently and professionally. We have been in this space for over 21 years and in this time have handled hardwood floor installations of all types. We are Bona-certified and can handle the installation work to industry standards. Our team tackles every aspect of the installation, including sub-floor leveling and prep and ensures that the floors are installed perfectly. We use the latest technology in our work and make sure that every floorboard is fixed correctly. We also make sure that only the best hardware and VOC-free products are used in the project so that you have safe spaces for living. Read More About Hardwood Flooring Installation >>

Hardwood Flooring Refinishing

If you have noticed dings, scratches or surface cracks and fissures in your wooden floorboards, you must get the floor refinished. Deferring this job will only aggravate the problem and result in unnecessary repairs and costs. We make sure that the refinishing work is completed to industry standards and that you’re flooring is as good as new within the shortest possible time. We use the proven Bona system and are certified to handle these jobs. Our expert flooring professionals make sure that your timber floors are refinished to perfection. We handle all types of jobs, big and small and utilize only the best materials and products in our work. Read More About Hardwood Flooring Refinishing >>

Hardwood Flooring Repairs

Hardwood floors are intrinsically very durable and can last for decades when maintained well. But they are not invulnerable to damage and deterioration over time; age, disuse and misuse can take their toll on hardwood floors as well. We offer customized hardwood floor repair services and can fix cracks, other damage and shifting of floorboards etc. If you have noticed any deterioration or damage in your wooden flooring, we are the company that can help. We have over 21 years of experience in this industry and can handle all types of hardwood repair jobs expertly and to industry standards. Read More About Hardwood Flooring Repairs >>

Hardwood Flooring Maintenance

Your hardwood floors need regular maintenance to keep them looking good and in excellent condition. Regular maintenance is the best way to maintain the appearance and integrity of your hardwood flooring. As part of these maintenance solutions, we can deep clean, sand, stain as well as refinish wooden floors. Regular attention and expert care can go a long way in retaining the value of your hardwood floors. We use high-quality equipment and products in our work so that these surfaces provide years of service and increase the value of your home. We customize our services so that you get the kind of services you need the best pricing. Read More About Hardwood Flooring Maintenance >>

For any information about our hardwood flooring installation, maintenance, repair and refinishing services, feel free to contact Timberland Flooring at (248) 939-2307. Discuss your requirements with John. He will help with the information and solutions you need. You can request a free quote, and we ensure you of the best solutions at all times. We focus on providing our clients with the best services at the most competitive pricing.

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